Monday, March 1, 2010

Finding the Sun

I have a dog at home, a girl. Whenever she feels unhappy about something, she will lay herself in the sun. Wherever it is, wherever she can find it, is where you will find her. No matter how hot, she practically burns herself to fully worship the sun.

Over the weekend I was having a bad, panicky morning and as I sat on the couch worrying about stuff, the stuff I can’t control I watched my dog laying on the floor in front of our car porch. It has become her spot, it is the spot in the house where there is the most sun.

The sun is so intense at times that the floor gets very warm. There she was flopped on her side just laying there taking it all in and I could tell she was enjoying every minute of it. Peaceful and serene. That was what it looked like to me.
I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. Which may sound crazy to some of you but its true. As I watched her soaking up the light and the warmth, I wanted to enjoy it too. I thought, “Wow, she has it figured out”.

That is really all we need, the sunlight, its warmth, and a place to just lay down and relax. We need to have more time in our lives, in our days to just sit back and face the light, enjoy the moments.

The moments away from the chaos, the anxiety, and the fear. Sometimes it can consume us and when it does it can steal so much time. Time that is too precious to waste.

I think there is so much to learn from our animals. My dog has taught me many things about life. In my many observations of her going through her day, for her, it is all about food, sun, love, and companionship and not necessarily in that order. I need to focus on more of those things during my day. OK, maybe not the food but the others, yes.

I need to look for the sun in my day, in all the things that I do. If my dog can figure it out, than why can’t I?

Where do you go to find your sun?


kenwooi said...

that's why dogs are men's best friend.. =)

Nikel Khor said...

is there rely got such thg?hehe

from Nikel Khor

-red tomato- said...

sometimes you see the sunshine,
sometimes you see the shadow of yourself,
and angle might be fooling around you.
the trick is you must be smart to deal with it!

HSCheah said...

wow.. nice descriptive post you are writing.

well, it's undeniable that sometimes our pets do teach us a lot on the meaning of life. don't u think so?

by the way, i bet ur dog is a cute one. (=

Elaine New said...

haha. my dog like 2 lie down wit both legs open wide, upside down. haha. its an obscene sight actually. hahaha!

Nic Da Nic said...

I guess, that's they way the dog wil accompany us.but sad to say...things are not that easy in our life.
life is not going to be as easy like what the dog did..just lie there without any problems in life.Perhaps, food,sleep,play,a companion,shelter.I don't really know..hahaha

In my point of view,We don't always see the sun all the time because, darkness it not always bad. The world is spinning on its way.what we can do is appreciate every moment in your life. The sun is everywhere around'll feel warmth, life is so beautiful.


nic da nic

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